Letter of Congratulation. To His Excellency President Idress Deby Itno President of the Republic of Chad on the Occasion of his assumption of the Chairmanship of the African Union.

On behalf of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) I take this opportunity to congrtulate your excellecy on the occassion of your assumption of the Chairmanship of the African Union (AU) for the term of (2016- 2017).
Indeed its an honor for you to be entrusted by your colleagues the leadership of the continental body at this critical juncture when the African continent faces many challenges particularly in confronting the task of combatting terrorism and eradicating the threat it poses.
As the state of Chad (under your leadership) has witnessed an unprecedented peace, stabilty and development, we are sure that you can confidently and successfuly lead the continental body.
Mr. president, its encouraging to note that, while your administration is championing and engaged in fighting terrorism that mushrooming across the continent (right from Mali, Central African Republic and “the Boko Haram” in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and elsewhere), the AU, and for the first time recognizes the danger of the meace and gives the deserved priority, official attention and endorsement to fight it. We hope that you should enjoy the support to fulfil this difficult mission to the interst, security and stabilty of the Continent.
We also expect you (as the Chairman of the AU) to earnestly reengage and play instrumental role in helping to resolve Darfur conflict which you have started from Abeche, N’djamena and Nd’jaras.
In this regard the SLM requests your excellency to make sure that the onging genocide in Darfur be immediately stopped.
To this effect the AU ( under your chairmanship) should regain its mediation position and play neutral and effective role in the resolution of the ongoing multitrack efforts led by president Mbeki ( which also includes that of Darfur track) by way of your engagement and support for the AU resolutions especially 456 and 539.
In this regard its also important to consider the SLM view on the necessaty to stop the ongoing plans to held any refrendum to determine the future of Darfur as that would further prolong, geoparadise and complicate any peaceful efforts if its held under the prevailing circunstances.
Please remain assure that the SLM will cooperate with you in finding solutions to Darfur conflict in a manner that will guranttes the restoration of peace, security to the region and returning of the refugees and IDPs.
Respectfully Yours
Mini Arko Minawi

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